Encouraging our fellows


Bein Hatlamim farm – Matanel Educational Farm


    אלה וגזר


Our vision is that the farm will be a fertile environment for youth and adults who create together and collaborate equally through the process of personal development and building a toolbox for adult life. We see the farm as a place that gives each person the opportunity to find their value and the positive impact they can have in the farm and in their community.


Bein Hatlamim farm is a non-profit organization providing a framework of employment for teens aged 15-18. Our teens have experienced difficulty and frustration in school and are in the process of dropping out from high school. The goal of Bein Hatlamim is to strengthen and empower these young people in our farm by teaching them independent life skills that will prepare them for their adulthood. This evolves while working the land while simultaneously guiding them individually through a meaningful and personal process. Together we enable them to choose a new path. Bein Hatlamim offers employment on an organic farm which requires them to be independent, to work as part of a team, and to show responsibility, perseverance and diligence.

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