Encouraging faith


Bar Mitzvah in the Periphery- Immigrants from the former Soviet Union




  • Create a formative and meaningful experience for the boy and his family, which will strengthen the boy’s connection to his family, his Jewish heritage and Israeli society.
  • Welcome every boy as an individual, in a friendly, warm and inclusive atmosphere.
  • Adjust the training process so that it makes the family feel comfortable, without feeling contradicted between the educational content and their way of life


✓ ‘Meetings’ – first meeting with the family: getting to know each other, coordinating views, choosing the verses for aliyah to the Torah and knowledge of the blessings.

✓ ‘Theory of Life’ – The Torah is not just an ancient text, the ideas in it are relevant to today’s life.

✓ ‘The Jewish Bookcase’ – basic books and interesting characters.

✓ ‘Tefillin’ – Familiarity with the structure of the tefillin, their meaning, how they are prepared and laid.

✓ ‘Siddur HaTefilah’ – the structure of the Siddur, orientation in prayer for the status of the bar mitzvah.

✓ ‘Meaning of Bar Mitzvah age’ – in depth the meaning of being a bar mitzvah at three levels of

Reference, what brings in its maturation wings, on responsibilities and rights.

✓ ‘Visit to the synagogue’ – getting to know the building, publishing a Torah scroll and reading it.

✓ ‘Jewish Bar Mitzvah and Circle of the Year’ – topics related to the life cycle and the Bar Mitzvah.

Each Bar Mitzvah boy will receive a folder that includes a tefillin, a kit for getting to know the books, a book as a gift for the bar mitzvah boy and other accessories to make the contents of the meetings accessible.

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