Encouraging progress


Ayalim Leadership Program


Leadership Team 2018


The Ayalim villages communities reflect the face of Israeli society. Most of the students are idealistic and Zionistic in spirit. Ayalim’s framework provides a perfect platform to realize their ideas in the Negev, Galilee, and Lod.

Each year Ayalim identifies students who have the potential to play a leading role in Israeli society and chooses them be leaders of the Ayalim Villages.


The young Ayalim leaders oversee and manage community activities in the neighborhoods in which Ayalim operates. The Leadership Program takes place in different parts of Israel.

  1. A Journey into History – Ayalim emphasizes Jewish history as a base for building new communities in Israel and for consolidating the Negev and Galilee. Through lectures and trips throughout Israel, the leadership team learns about the heritage of the Jewish community in the state’s early years.
  2. The Jewish Bookshelf – The program provides the leaders with personal and leadership tools based on idealistic and philosophical understanding. During the year, the team study texts and stories from the “Jewish bookshelf”.
  3. Experiencing the Basic Issues in Israeli Society Today – The team goes on monthly trips around the country to take a closer look at the core issues and dilemmas facing Israel.
  4. Israel and the Diaspora: Ensuring the Nation’s Future –Our Israeli Ayalim leaders will reach out to young leaders from Jewish communities abroad with the aim of creating a genuine partnership for the benefit of both parties.

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