Encouraging progress


Avratech, Wise Tech Academy




Avratech’s vision is to Change the paradigm for ultra-Orthodox men in Israel. By creating a Training and Employment Framework that enables married Haredi men to earn a respectable income while maintaining a Torah lifestyle- thus synergizing the ultra-orthodox community needs with high-tech’s growing demand.


12 month – that’s what it takes to turn a yeshiva student to an employed developer – One stop job!
Avratech’s academy is an intense technological school including practical and complex training in all areas of software education. Avratech’s unique value proposition is a commitment to guaranteed employment for graduates at ‘Ravtech’, a social business that offers outsourcing of software solutions as a part of the initiative. Avratech is the only technological training program in Israel that commits to a post-training job placement, within an environment that supports the religious framework.
By 2015, the Avratech’s initiative has 48 successful job placements of Haredi men. That means 48 Haredi independent families contributing to the economic fabric of Israel through technology-related employment. Avratech is planning to take its successful model and expand to other cities. The current project’s goal is to open the 4th year class of 30 students in 2016 in Jerusalem, in a prime location in the city center –Harav Agan st\Yafo st.- ‘Bikur Cholim’ premises – easily accessible to the Haredi population.

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