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Asot Mishpat – Legal Aid to Needy Israelis


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One of Israel’s current existential threats is the social inequality between Israel’s upper class and its’ large and growing underprivileged lower class.  A fundamental symptom of this social inequality is the latter’s lack of access to proper legal representation.

Asot Mishpat Veahavat Hesed (“Do Justice and Love Charity”), strives to strengthen social equality, civil equity and democratic values in Israel by improving underprivileged Israelis access to proper legal representation.


Asot Mishpat Veahavat Hesed provides underprivileged Israelis with low-to-no cost high quality legal representation in the fields of family law, bankruptcy law and national insurance/disability law.

The legal aid is offered to the general Israeli public, regardless of ethnicity, gender, faith or lifestyle, including those who are not eligible for legal representation from public legal aid agencies.

In order to combat social inequality as effectively as possible, the legal aid is allotted according to the socio-economic situation of the applicant, and special consideration is given to circumstances such as health, unemployment, family situation, residents of peripheral areas and similar aspects.

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