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Arménie Terre de Vie 2015


    Arménie Terre de Vie 2015


The global vision is to help local population in Armenia who are in need. 31 volunteers are dedicated during one month to support three main missions as education, health and environment/agriculture. Indeed, this project meets the local needs in Armenia; it is very important that the diaspora acts because it is still a very poor country that has difficulties in terms of unemployment, infrastructures and malnutrition.


“Armenie Terre de Vie” is a humanitarian and social project founded in 2011 by Raphaël Der Agopian. He was the President of the association UGAB Jeunes Paris and wanted to help local population in Armenia.

“Armenie Terre de Vie 2015” is the third project in Armenia lead by UGAB Jeunes Paris. The group is composed of 31 volunteers from 18 to 30, with Armenian roots or not. This year, 6 scouts will help during two weeks the group. The project involves three main missions.

– Education: reconstruction of 4 rooms in a cultural center for the youth and the establishment of a recreation center for the summer (we will also give to the children a scholar kit and some books) to have some fun with the kids that cannot go in vacation.

– Health: we will provide animations for the children concerning the importance of taking care of their teeth. We will also give dental kits with a toothbrush and a toothpaste.

– Environment and agriculture: rehabilitation of a farm and sensibilization of the tourists and local populations on the importance to protect the environment and the areas. We will help the farmers during one week.

We will also go to orphanages to offer toys and clothes to the children.

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