Encouraging progress


Anshei Chayil – Beit Midrash for Torah Leadership


Anshei Chayil 2022


Forming an ultra-orthodox community that combines a life of Torah with respect for others and involvement in Israeli society. A community that is steadfast spiritually and financially, and emphasizes care for its weaker members and righteous deeds.

The objective of the Anshei Chayil Beit Midrash is to cultivate leaders grounded in Torah for this ultra-orthodox community.


Anshei Chayil Beit Midrash for Torah Leadership was established in 2020 with 12 members, whose lives reflect a combination of Torah knowledge and involvement in the world of action. This is expressed through integration into the working and academic worlds, and in activity for the benefit of the community. The beit midrash operates one day a week with two predominant focuses: Torah – study of religious sources on various subjects, along with sources from other fields of knowledge, such as Jewish studies, history, philosophy, political science, etc.; and social – investigation of central issues requiring a response in the ultra-orthodox sector, and development of a program for community Torah-based and social involvement.
The program’s central objective is to create Torah leadership for the “new ultra-orthodox” community, which seeks to integrate cautiously into all aspects of Israeli society while preserving its unique identity. This is a growing public, currently numbering thousands of individuals, including many who serve in the army/civil service, the job market, the academic world, and the public sector.

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