Encouraging progress


AMIT Pre-Military Technological Junior College in Rehovot, Israel


group photo with helicopter


The Pre-Military Technological Junior College envisions the closing of social gaps by empowering, young disadvantaged men to acquire an in-demand technical profession that will open the doors to a meaningful military service and future employment, along with the social values and life skills that will enable them be devoted, productive citizens and to create stable families.


The Pre-Military Technological Junior College provides a transformative post-high school educational experience to disadvantaged young men in the form of quality vocational training in the fields of electronics and electricity.  The students become licensed practical engineers, while the Junior College also prepares them for meaningful military service and provides personal empowerment to help them develop necessary life skills, self-confidence, and motivation for success. The Junior College has fully equipped electricity and electronics labs, in which students study in small classes.  Special study sessions help students acquire important learning skills and close gaps created by their disadvantaged backgrounds.  Students also benefit from personal motivation seminars and an enrichment program, consisting of three components:  seminars and learning retreats, a peer tutorial program, and faculty mentors to provide tutoring, companionship and ongoing guidance.  Thanks to a cooperative arrangement with the Israel Air Force, upon completion of their studies, the graduates go on to serve in the IAF’s elite technical corps, contributing to their country while gaining further technical skills and experience that will help them find significant employment upon demobilization.

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