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Alma’s fellowship program




ALMA offers a varied study program covering the many fields of Hebrew and Jewish Culture: Bible, Mishnah, Talmud, Jewish mysticism including Kabbalah and Hassidic texts, Piyut, Jewish Philosophy – from the Middle Ages to the present time, and modern Literature – Jewish, Hebrew, Israeli. Interwoven into the Alma study program are key aspects of World Culture such as Literature, History, Philosophy and History of the Arts.

Fellowship Program – Alma’s scholarships target high quality immigrant and Israeli-born graduates of Art schools or social sciences/humanities majors, immersed in the Tel Aviv/Israeli cultural scene. They demonstrate the potential to become leading agents of change in their respective fields.


Building / composing an educational program.
Marketing the academic program.
Recruiting lectures and closing their terms of employment.
Determining the academic schedule.
Recruiting and selecting followers that will meet the academic requirements.
Full administration of academic program, resolving and meeting lecturers and followers requests.
Responsible for course logistics.
Continuous documentation of alma’s academic courses
participant in alma’s weekly administration meetings

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