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AlManarah | Recording Books for Children and Adolescents with print disabilities


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Our vision is to provide accessible reading books and textbooks to all children and adolescents in the Israeli Arab Society who are in the need to accessible reading materials.


AlManarah established the first Arabic language digital audio library, which is accessible to Arabic speakers in Israel and throughout the Arab World.  The library contains more than 5,500 audio books, Braille books, large print books, and e-books of various genres including classical literature, children’s literature, and self-help.  The books are available to subscribers free of charge and can be downloaded from our website,  www.arabcast.org, using a smartphone app.  Our objective is to record 10,000 titles and to expand the number of subscribers in Israel from 10,000 at the present to over 50,000 by the year 2025.

Our project aims in making educational materials accessible to children with visual impairments and reading disabilities,
empowering them and increasing their self-image and self-confidence by acquiring knowledge through reading and enriching the world of children and adolescents

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