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Alma, Home for Hebrew Culture




The expression “Hebrew Culture” is revolutionary in that it perceives Judaism as a culture, not just a religion. It gives rise to the possibility of creating a Jewish space that is not a religious one, a Jewish space outside of the Synagogue.
Spiritual Zionism viewed the Land of Israel in its entirety as a Jewish place. Each place presents an opportunity for the kind of Jewish expression which cherishes the past while creating a brand new future.


Alma views Hebrew Culture as the meeting point where Jewish Culture, Israeli Culture and World Culture intersect. Established in 1996, Alma has been a magnet for leading figures in Tel Aviv’s artistic and cultural scene. Alma’s location is not without significance. The city of Tel Aviv is an integral part of Alma’s unique character and of the essential role Alma fulfils in Israel’s cultural sphere. In projecting Hebrew Culture out of the heart of Tel Aviv, Alma achieves the City’s purpose as a cultural capital, and at the same time meets the cultural needs of Israel at large.
Alma offers a varied study program covering the many fields of Hebrew and Jewish Culture: Bible, Mishnah, Talmud, Jewish mysticism including Kabbalah and Hassidic texts, Piyut, Jewish Philosophy – from the Middle Ages to the present time, and modern Literature – Jewish, Hebrew, Israeli. Interwoven into the Alma study program are key aspects of World Culture such as Literature, History, Philosophy and History of the Arts. This interdisciplinary blend proposed at Alma is designed to create the educated Israeli who feels at home both in his Jewish and Hebrew tradition and in the cultural world at large.
In 2012 ALMA plans to initiate a joint venture that will expand our scope outside of the Tel Aviv area, establishing a presence in one of the peripheral communities of Israel.

Alma’s Creative Beit-Midrash – Alma-designed framework for turning the Jewish and Hebrew sources into sources of inspiration for artists, musicians, novelists, poets, filmmakers, etc. The artists’ exposure to the origins of Jewish and Hebrew Culture coupled with their experience of studying with colleagues from a variety of artistic and cultural disciplines, offers an undeniable contribution to their creative development and yields the kind of artistic creations craved by Israeli culture.

Alma for the Community – Public events, Study Seminars, and series of cultural get-togethers in Tel Aviv for the benefit of the culturally minded and the intellectually curious .
With the generous support of Matanel Alma produces Cultural Events throughout the Hebrew Calendar – Public get-togethers offering both learning and inspiration in their focus on notable dates along the Jewish-Israeli year.
Tikkun Leil Shavuot at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, renewing – with a contemporary twist – the ancient Jewish tradition of studying the Torah all through the night.
Selichot – Between Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur, A large scale cultural event in the Yarkon Park, bringing together Israeli thinkers and musicians and joining them on stage with the traditional Piyutim and with the season’s spirit of reflection and soul searching.
Tu B’Shvat – A colorful and musical street happening, open to the public, and in the spirit of the holiday. Children’s workshops, learning sessions and an artist’s performance combining a lecture are included in the event.
Purim – An annual traditional banquet including a humorous reading of megilat Esther, food and drinks;
In 2011 ALMA has broadened its Jewish Calendar (chagim) Community Outreach program, producing a unique multi-religious event celebrating the three major religions in Israel – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Community Outreach program, producing a unique multi-religious event celebrating the three major religions in Israel – Judaism, Christianity and Islam, to be held at the end of December 2011.

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