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Alegria Sephardi


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My film is an investigation, a search for the truth about those who were always absent. I never knew my grandparents on my father’s side, nor two of his brothers.
My film is not an exact, true representation of the facts. How could I know what gestures they made, the sound of their voices, the way they walked or how they smiled at each other?

Alegria Sephardi
All started in Istanbul, the day who Joseph, the eldest of four brothers, decided to go and try his fortune in France. On board the ship that connects Istanbul to Marseille, he meets Mr. Salti, who offers to teach him his trade as a diamond dealer. So it’s London that he discovers instead of Paris. Finally, Joseph decides to make his dream come true: Go live in Paris. Nineteen pass, the Second World War breaks out. How could he have imagined that his new homeland would not protect him.


When Suzy Cohen decides to make her first short film, she creates her own company, Reyna Films with which she will produce others
documentary and fiction films. Then she will be able to direct a first feature film, a France-Canada co-production “The Other Side of Love” 35mm, colour, released in theatres in May 2002 in France, starring Ann-Gisel Glass, Jacques Penot, Marc-André Grondin and Anémone. Released in theatres in Canada by Cineplex Odeon. The film will be sold in more than thirty countries around the world.
Suzy Cohen likes to write scenarios of which here is a selection: “Gran rio y pequeños riachuelos”, “Sandcastle”, « Cosmopolis», “The Wheel of Life”, “The Other Side of Love” ,”Sleeping Beauty”, “1992 or Memory Recovered”, “Women of Heart, Women of Reason”,”The Elderly Mistress”,”Ferragosto”,”L’Anniversaire de l’Infante”, “Three Small Tricks”, “Little Red Riding Hood » .
Her new project, “Stefan Zweig, the European friend” a life of Stefan Zweig, the script is written and the project is in a phase of funding search.

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