Encouraging progress


Al- Sindiana – Arab Educational Campus and High School, Israel




The Society for the Advancement of Education, Jerusalem (SAE) in partnership with leaders from the Israeli Arab community in the Triangle region, opened in September 2017 the Sindiana High School and the first residential campus for Arab students. The school is located at Givat Haviva and serves students both from the local area and around the country.


Sindiana operates in the spirit of three central standards: Academic Excellence, Leadership, and Identity and Culture. The school serves Arab students in grades 7 through 12 and includes residential facilities. The educational residence on campus enables the school to accept Arab students from around the country, allowing them to maximize their inherent academic and social potential.

In keeping with the goals set by the community, the school will prepare students for both the real world and the academic world. It equips students with the tools of personal empowerment and well-formed values of personal identity, respect, tolerance, and ability for personal expression, while encouraging their participation in projects of excellence in various academic fields that are compatible with each student’s abilities and desires. Sindiana provides a challenging learning environment for students. The students can choose from study tracks in various sciences and are required to take Arabic at the highest level.

Informal education includes Arabic identity and culture, and volunteer projects and community service, strengthening the values of responsibility, social initiative and social awareness. Studies of multiculturalism and pluralism will deepen the students’ familiarization with different cultures and languages, and ethnic groups in Israeli society and around the world. Critical thinking will be developed and provide the students with tools to ask questions and study local and global situations in a variety of fields.

The SAE’s goal is that graduates of the campus will form the foundation of the young Arab leadership, influencing Arab society specifically and Israeli society in general.

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