Encouraging progress


Aim Higher: The Feuerstein Academic Integration Program for Young Adults of Ethiopian Origin and the Socio-economic Periphery




Aim Higher has helped support more than 500 Israelis pursue their goals and dreams in higher education. Aim Higher is truly innovative; a ‘hand-up’ rather than a ‘hand-out’ program that assists young adults from the socioeconomic periphery gain admission and complete their studies at the most prestigious departments of Israel’s top universities. Our ultimate goal is for these students to succeed academically and progress professionally.


Historically, Israel’s top universities have been inaccessible to students from the socioeconomic periphery, as the main admission criterion is a culturally-biased exam. The Aim Higher program removes this barrier by employing Feuerstein’s LPAD dynamic assessment, measuring the applicant’s ability to learn rather than assessing their current knowledge at a given time.
Once accepted into university, the students participate in an intensive course where they are taught thinking and learning skills. They are then provided with ongoing
cognitive, academic, financial, and social support throughout their studies –which provide them with community, ease financial burdens, and assist in overcoming potential academic challenges.
They are also accompanied by a campus coordinator who ensures that they successfully navigate the academic environment at the universities.
Aim Higher students often return as leaders in their communities of origin, making both economic and communal contributions. Their presence in the community also inspires the younger generation to consider higher education. They are changing perceptions and stereotypes within academia, redefining and raising expectations for what a student from the socio-economic periphery can accomplish.

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