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Afikim BaNegev




The vision of this program is to transform two challenges into one great opportunity. By offering young Bedouin women with quality volunteering and vocational training opportunities in the field of care for children with disabilities, we would be able to decrease unemployment among Bedouin women and cater to the overwhelming deficit in professional care takers for children with disabilities with the Bedouin population.


In the framework of the program, 60 Bedouin women ages 18-20 will be provided with quality volunteering opportunities in the field of care for children with special needs. At the same time, they will participate in basic training in this field. Then, a higher level of training will be offered to volunteers who demonstrate serious long-term intentions for the program and are suited to a possible career in aiding the disabled, comprising 84 academic hours. Participants who demonstrate high interest in becoming specialists in their field and establish a long-term career are invited to enroll in the program’s Special Education Teacher’s Aide Course, a two-year course, comprised of 270 hours of study and 110 hours of guided internship. In the end of this long journey, young volunteers are transformed into professional women and assured a degree of financial security.

As the program will be conducted within the auspices of Israel’s Civil Service program, participants will benefit from a government stipend to fund their living costs. They also benefit from educational opportunities during their service and after, which they would not otherwise be able to access as young women in the Bedouin community.

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