Encouraging progress


A Ladder to the Future (in Hebrew Sulam L’Atid)




The Sulam L’Atid NGO was founded by Gary T’har-Lev, a retired Israeli Magistrate. Sulam L’Atid is run by volunteers. Inspired and directed by Gary, they help and empower high school students to overcome extreme social and economic hardships, improve their school grades to the level required for access to institutions of higher education and gain a chance to break the poverty cycle they face.


In partnership with various Jerusalem schools, our team of volunteers identifies high school pupils who do not realize their potential to succeed in their studies because they spend much of their after-school time working – sometimes 35 hours a week – to contribute to their family’s income. We offer them free tutorials given by volunteer teachers in learning centers or at the teachers’ homes. In exchange for their commitment to reduce their hours of employment allowing them to study and participate in our educational programs, we contribute vouchers to their families to cover basic needs. The Sulam L’Atid programs of free tutorials are adapted to the pupils’ needs and capacities. In the 2019/20 school year they will include inter alia a center for excellence in mathematics, a pilot program in cooperation with the Hebrew University for mathematics, sciences and English and a center for English studies at the Kedma School. Sulam L’Atid will also expand outside of Jerusalem to reach out to students of the Mevasseret Zion high school. All programs are supervised by our team members, who follow up in real time on the pupils’ progress and difficulties.

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