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70 Faces




The “70 Faces” project aims to paint an unmediated view of Israel’s society – to expose, personify, and connect the multitude of faces in it and, by doing so, reflect its demographic, religious, and political diversity, as a first meaningful step in establishing a common ground that is greater than its parts.


Teams of students will travel across the country and interview Israelis at their homes. The interviews will be documented, resulting in raw video material that will later be edited into 3-4 minute clips. The clips will extract the essence of each person’s story, as being told by him or her in the interview, and will be subsequently published and promoted online.

The project targets the following population groups: the students, who will deepen their acquaintance with the various faces and voices of the Israeli society; the interviewees, whose personal story will be publicly disseminated; the general public, which will watch the edited clips on the web and be exposed to different facets of Israeli diversity; and future generations, who will have the opportunity to be exposed to a snapshot of Israel’s society at this time.

In accordance with the above, the project aims:

  1. to create a meeting point between students and diverse populations,
  2. to give a voice to the interviewees and their communities to be heard and seen,
  3. to enable exposure to the other, by means of watching the videos, and
  4. to document the Israeli society at this time, for the sake of future generations.

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