Bohu Legani – piyut in kindergarten בואו לגני – פיוט בגני ילדים

מקהלה: עדי ארנון, יאיר הראל, אורי קרויזר, ניצן פרי קולות ילדים: שילה הראל, מיכאל סגורסקי, מיכאל הראל בפיוט 'אדון עולם' נוספו - מיקה פרי, מעיין פרי, שיה עפאים

Genre: Jewish liturgy


about the disc

The “Bohu Legani” program brings together young children with a variety of piyyutim from Jewish tradition, thus strengthening intergenerational ties and cultivating values ​​for Israeli and Jewish culture. Through the piyyutim, the children learn to pay attention to the occurrences in music: to consider the connection between the words and the melody, to discern repetitive rhythmic patterns, the tone of voice and instrument, to pay attention to the nature of melody (sadness, longing, prayers, hope and joy of generations). The piyutim chosen for the program relate to the life cycle and are integrated into the ongoing activities of the kindergarten. The recordings and arrangements were made especially for the program of young children, the content is suitable for children, the melody is relatively simple and the performance is artistic and aesthetic. These invite active participation of children in singing, music, movement and recording. Through the piyyut, children develop awareness of a unique genre that is an inseparable part of our culture and meet the value of piyyut that enables personal expression.


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