Encouraging progress


The Matanel Cultural Enrichment program, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

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Education at Kedma is more than just teaching. Our vision is that schools should be a place of growth, belonging and dialogue and that education has the power to change the lives of a child, family and community. Kedma students, who are from low socio-economic backgrounds deserve, as all students in Israel, to learn about arts, music and culture. Engaging in cultural studies will enrich Kedma students’ academic growth and challenge them to explore their individual and collective identities.


The Matanel Cultural Enrichment program at Kedma exposes students to the world of theater, music and art – activities which usually take place in more affluent neighborhoods and are beyond the means of Kedma parents. Kedma teachers will integrate the extra-curricular activities into the curriculum. These activities will serve as a catalyst for experiential learning, intellectual classroom discussions, critical thinking and emotional growth.

The objectives of the Matanel Cultural Enrichment program are as follows:

  1. To enable Kedma students gain exposure to cultural and extra-curricular activities that complement their academic growth.
  2. To introduce Kedma students to the cultural discourse required for integrating and exceling in the general society while at the same time, increasing Mizrahi students’ appreciation for their own cultural heritage. which is often brushed aside by the state curriculum in subjects such as history, art and literature.
  3. To offer informal education, reduce risky behavior and raise awareness to topics relevant to the lives of Kedma students such as sex education, drug using, smoking and alcohol drinking.

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