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The Jerusalem Orchestra East & West original album


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To distribute, Through catchy and modern musical creations performed by great performers, our message of a unique musical language that was created in this land through the meeting of so many different rich cultures.

To present the place where we Israelis do not stand in conflict with our neighbours, but rather share the same roots and traditions and can enjoy artistic creation that is based on all of this diversity.


Concert conductor, arranger, composer, musical director: The Jerusalem Orchestra East & West, The Mediterranean Orchestra Ashkelon, The Israeli Andalusian Orchestra, The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, The Israeli Chamber Orchestra etc… (Israel), L’Orchestre Symphonique Andalou de Montreal (Canada) the MED Orchestra (Belgium), L’Orchetre Andalousie de Paris (France), Ethno Orchestra (Cyprus), “El Gusto” orchestra (Algeria), “Sogdiana” (Uzbekistan), “Symphoniyat” (Morocco).

Music Producer / Arranger: Rachid Taha, Cheb Khaled, Enrico Macias, Yasmin Levy, Ishtar Alabina, Maurice el Medioni, Omer Adam, David Broza, Nasreen Qadri etc..

Composer for Cinema & TV: “Zagury empire” by Maor Zagury, “Footnote” by Joseph Cedar, “Testimony” by Shlomi Elkabetz.

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