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Reshit Chochma – Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia

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To inculcate Jewish values in our children by providing a positive environment and an educational experience on a high academic standard in religious and secular disciplines.


Reshit Chochma is a private educational system for families of the Moscow Jewish Community boasting a unique dual curriculum of religious and secular studies.

The religious subjects are taught in Hebrew by teachers who are accredited by the Israeli Ministry of Education. Our graduates are fluent in Ivrit, enabling them to continue their education in the Israeli higher education system.

Our students have competed successfully in International Jewish School competitions.

The Secular Studies curriculum is supervised and accredited by the prestigious “Gymnasium” private school which holds our students to a competitive high standard.

The teaching staff is led by veteran Moscow educator, Mr. Grigory Lipman who was previously the director of the “Tehiya” school. Under his watch that school grew to over 800 students.

Our children participate in regular educational excursions to Museums of Russian Culture and Jewish History. They also travel to outlying cities where they engage in community service such as; cemetery restoration, visiting elderly homebound holocaust survivors and other projects of social responsibility.

Reshit Chochma offers a variety of extracurricular activities and clubs, such as; music, dance, art and robotics.

Beginning with under 20 students in 2011, enrollment is approaching 100 students for the upcoming school year.

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