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Between Shade and Darkness: The fate of the Jews in Luxembourg from 1940 to1945


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The museum retraces the history of Luxembourg from the Nazi invasion (1940) to the liberation of the country (1945). A second section deals with the system of the concentration camps and the fate of the Jews in Luxembourg. To raise awareness of the dangers of extremism, discrimination and racism, temporary exhibitions present subjects in relation with memory, commemoration, civic education, human rights, and social justice.


The exhibition focuses on a neglected chapter of Luxembourgish history: the fate of the Jewish community in Luxembourg during the Nazi occupation (1940 -1945). It emphasizes two periods: The first retraces the evacuation and expulsion of Jews in Luxembourg, the second treats their deportation and extermination. As a chronological guideline the exhibition follows the lives of two figures that have played a central role during this tragic period: The chief rabbi, Robert Serebrenik tries to evacuate a maximum of Jews, before fleeing himself in 1941. Alfred Oppenheimer, named as the “Judenältester” by the Nazis is forced, to communicate the orders of the oppressor and to organize the every-day-life of the remaining Jews. He is on the last transport from Luxembourg to the ghettos and the extermination camps. The goal of the exhibition is to raise awareness of the tragic fate of the Jewish community in Luxembourg. In this context, the education of the youth plays a central role: It is essential to pass this knowledge on to a new generation in order to support the fight against intolerance, discrimination and anti-Semitism.

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