List of past and present programs

Namesort icon Location Main objective Start year End year
"Hiburim" program Ashdod, Israel To provide those of varied socioeconomic, religious and cultural identity 2016 2019
A Job, a Purpose, an Occupation Luxembourg Support to vulnerable populations 2014 2015
Access for All Israel Adult Education in Universities 2010 Ongoing
Aderet Leadership Training Program Israel Strengthen national, social, and self-identity through the study of Israeli society and Jewish heritage 2013 2016
Aharai! Follow Me! Youth Leading Change Israel Youth Leading Change 2012 2015
Aleh Israel Caring for disabled children & young adults 2010 2014
Alma, Home for Hebrew Culture Israel Cultural Events throughout the Hebrew Calendar 2011 Ongoing
Annual Conference of the Rabbinical... London Bring together rabbinic families from across UK communities where they frequently work in isolation. 2014 2014
Arava Leadership Academy Israel Training pre-army volunteers 2011 2014
ARAVA –Leadership Institute / Paran... Israel Training pre-army volunteers 2014 2017
Ariel School Tirat Carmel, Israel Strengthen traditional Jewish values through education, and enhance instructional practices through technology and scientific innovations. 2011 2014
Arménie Terre de Vie 2015 Armenia The global vision is to help local population in Armenia who are in need 2015 2018
Association France - Israël France Promoting friendship betwenn France and Israel 2013 Ongoing
Avocats sans Frontières International Advocacy for Israel 2012 Ongoing
Avratech, Wise Tech Academy Israel Training Charedi students in hight tech areas 2016 2019
Beit Hen Israel Assistance to needy persons in Ashdod 2008 2016
Beit Midrash Derech Chaim Israel Training Pre-Army Volunteers 2016 2019
Beit Project Spain Jewish Heritage Sites for meaningful social debate 2011 Ongoing
Beit Rachel Straus Jerusalem, Israel Serving people with disabilities as well as 'typical' people irrespective of their age, level of functioning, religion, ethnicity, gender or other affiliation. 2014 2017
Between Shade and Darkness: The fate of... Luxembourg Exhibition on the expultion of Jewish population in Luxembourg and their tragic destiny 2013 Ongoing