Mission statement

The Matanel Foundation

In this era of increased globalization and precariousness, philanthropic organizations play an important part in redistributing wealth, training local leaders to become contact persons between the citizens and the authorities, and inspiring new vocations and initiatives for the greater good. The mission of the Matanel Foundation is to further justice and equity in the world by:. 

Encouraging our Fellows
The Matanel Foundation cares about the relief of the destitute: it offers personalized assistance to those who are in a state of extreme poverty; it sponsors innovating projects; it supports organizations who work for the welfare of humankind; and it allocates the Matanel Prize to reward social activism.

Encouraging Progress
The Matanel Foundation supports youngsters from underprivileged families who display a real potential for success. It grants pupils and students scholarships allowing them to attend schools and universities in which they can thrive, and it promotes organizations and programs that foster progress and success.   The Matanel Foundation particularly cares about civics education, both for the youth and for adults, be it in Israel or anywhere else in the world. 

Encouraging Creativity and Culture
The Matanel Foundation encourages cultural initiatives that convey Judaism and the knowledge of Judaism to various environments.  

Encouraging Faith
The religious needs of the Jewish people around the world matter to the Matanel Foundation, which supports projects that protect the Jewish cultural heritage and encourage religious worship by helping build synagogues and providing assistance to promote rabbinical activity.  

Projects Encouraged by the Matanel Foundation 

The Matanel Foundation encourages initiatives and projects inspired by the spirit that drives its founders and leaders:

   1.  a true generosity commanded by a respect for the Foundation’s partners;
   2.  an open mind and a curiosity about human achievements paired with a respect for foreign cultures;
   3.  a desire to encourage pluralism as a promise of tolerance and understanding between religions,         cultures, and nations;
   4.  a transparent collaboration and matching with public and private institutions.  

The Matanel Foundation promotes projects that:

   •    are remarkable for their originality, their inventiveness, their ability to bring about change and         improve living conditions while constituting a set of best practices; 
   •    are carried out by genuine social activists who embody Matanel’s dedication and who display the         necessary qualities and skills to succeed in their work;
   •    can prove they will be able to sustain even after the phasing out of Matanel Foundation. 

The Matanel Foundation operates in Israel, as its first concern is to preserve the cohesion of a society and a nation plagued by divisions. The Matanel Foundation also works in Europe, in Africa, and in South America.