Kaima Beerotaim Farm, Beerotaim, Israel

"האדמה היא מקור החיים והיצירה והתרבות והעצמאות האמיתית"
א.ד. גורדון

Kaima Beerotayim, a new non-profit organic farm, views agricultural endeavor as an effective way to stimulate interest, creativity and activity in young Israelis who have dropped out of high school. Taking responsibility for farm activities, participating youth develop the tools to reconnect to society. Our vision and methods are based on the social business model created by Kaima Beit Zayit, also supported by Matanel.

Irith Shevach: 27 years of rich and varied experience in the fields of sales and service management in the Tnuva corporation. Member of the management forum of the Dairy Complex and the forum of 100 senior managers of the Tnuva Group. Member of the Board of Directors of a subsidiary. I was selected by Tnuva Management to set up and lead all new ventures in the Dairy Complex.


At the heart of Kaima Beerotayim is a diverse community whose members are not only consumers of the farm’s produce but active volunteers. Our selection of seasonal vegetables will be sold directly to farm members and the general public, with profits reinvested in Kaima Beerotayim’s educational work. Individuals and groups are invited to volunteer in our fields, to see first-hand how the food they eat is grown, and to form relationships with our young farmers as well as our more experienced agriculturalists. 
In addition to our agricultural work, a kitchen and guest area will be built to allow us to host farm-to-table meals, using only locally-grown produce, prepared in tandem with Israel’s finest chefs and leading culinary experts. Our work in this arena will be done in collaboration with other social businesses and for-profit ventures that integrate community service into their work culture. All proceeds from the meals will go towards the organization’s activities.