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Kaima Farm’s Project Based Learning Lab, Israel

Farming and the pride associated with growing – literally and metaphorically – is a powerful way to connect people to something inherently meaningful. Kaima’s vision is to harness the principles of farming and working with one’s hands to improve the lives of high school dropouts, particularly those unable to adapt to conventional indoor, learning frameworks, and reconnect them to a sense of purpose and possibility.

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Kaima Farms - Annual Conference

Kaima Hukuk Farm

Dear Gad, Joelle,
We are so pleased to share with you photos from our annual Kaima seminar, created with the encouragement of the Matanel Foundation.
The two-day seminar brought together 40 adult members of our four-farm Israel farm network

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The Saying of Matanel

It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

Mother Teresa