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Kaima Nahalal

Kaima Nahalal seeks to re-engage and empower youth, identified by the Ministry of Welfare as having dropped out of school, through a multi-faceted program of hands-on organic farming, business learning, and community activities. It will operate according to an employment-as-education model developed and tested by Kaima Beit Zayit. The Kaima system works by synthesizing education, vocational training, and environmental concerns into one cohesive, strength-based model.

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News from Desert stars

Desert Stars, Negev

The past month has been challenging at Desert Stars, as I imagine it is for everyone. However, in these difficult times our staff, but particularly students and program participants, have been displaying a huge commitment to their communities as young leaders – something that makes us immensely proud.

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Nessim Zalayet - גיטרה ועוד

Pessach 2020 פסח שמח

Text of Pessach 2020 Newsletter

The Saying of Matanel

You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.

Khalil Gibran